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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Argus Hamilton

HOLLYWOOD--God Bless America, and how's everybody?

The U.S. Senate will hold hearings Monday to allow the accuser of fifty-three-year-old Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a chance to testify that he groped her in high school. And that’s not all. CNN reports that Brett Kavanaugh kicked a pregnant woman in the belly fifty-three years ago.

The North Carolina victims of Hurricane Florence were mentioned and appreciated by the TV stars appearing at the Emmy Awards ceremony in Hollywood on Monday. The compassion and concern is real. Hollywood has had never had a hurricane but we’ve all experienced blow first-hand.

Business Week reported that the success of religious merchandise stores such as the St. Jude Shop are attracting huge online sales. This shopping traffic for religious items could result in WalMart-size retail outlets across the South. They’d simply have to name it Jesus Christ Super Store.

Coca-Cola, the world’s number-one sugar dealer, made the major announcement on Monday that they are in talks with a Canadian company to infuse the soft drink with liquid marijuana. So Coca-Cola was once famously full of cocaine and now it’s mostly weed. It’s just like Los Angeles.

Brett Kavanaugh said he never met the woman who accused him of groping her at a high school party that could cost him the Supreme Court. Other offices don’t have such high standards. Nursery school teachers now warn children they catch playing doctor that they could grow up to be president.

President Trump enjoyed a Hispanic Heritage Month party at the White House Monday. Two hundred guests were invited, and fifty sneaked in over the fence. They enthusiastically chanted “Four More Years!” but no one knows if it was for re-election, or construction delays on the border wall.

The Labor Department reported that the full employment in the U.S. is resulting in the need for foreign workers to fill some skilled jobs. It’s tricky. Trump praised ICE Monday for stopping five convicted sexual assault offenders from entering the U.S., and the five top jobs at CBS remain vacant.

President Trump hosted a joint press conference with the visiting president of Poland Tuesday in the White House Treaty Room before reporters. He covered a lot of topics. Trump handled most of the press conference duties, since the Polish leader spent most of the time screwing in a light bulb.

Hasbro’s famous board game Clue announced a new version of the game will feature a black character added to the cast of suspects. It’s a hit in urban neighborhoods where players win the game by reaching the same deduction. I believe the white cop did it with the revolver just past the stop light.

The Boston Globe reports a young man was killed by a Great White Shark while body surfing off Nantucket. The ocean is the shark’s kitchen. From my own experience in Hawaii thirty-five years ago, the first thing you discover when you see a shark approaching is that adrenaline is brown.

The Texas State School Board angered Democrats and the advocates for special needs people Monday by removing Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from Texas history books. They’re quite a pair. One was deaf, dumb and blind to what was going on around her, and the other was Helen Keller.

General Motors announced last week it is recalling forty-one thousand GM trucks and SUVs and police SUVs due to faulty brakes from loose brake pedals. The problem could be spreading to other GM cars. The good news is, the Chevy Volt is fully electrified once it smashes into a light pole.

The National Safety Council reported that eighty thousand Americans are injured annually in an office. They issued tips on how to avoid falls, falling boxes, computer muscle strains and back injuries. One year I got my tie caught in my fax machine and three minutes later I was in Hong Kong.


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